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Depuis la Lettonie et la France, média participatif d’informations entre lettons et francophones pour favoriser amitié et projets solidaires avec un des pays baltes enchanteur au nord-est de l’Europe.


In December 1990, the history of this site
begins with a beautiful meet with a couple of Latvian artists
welcomed in France to display their photographic creations.
A story of friendship, ...

To delight the eyes and the ears
discover, watch, admire, Latvia and its residents

Tell in pictures, sounds, videos
Exhibit works to appreciate,
Reporting an interesting exhibition,
Exchange informations,
Facilitate art exhibitions in France and Latvia ....
and ...

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Thank you to Irina and Viktors and their family and friends,
Latvians photographers exhibited in France in December 1990 at the Galerie Grand Angle Serémange Erzange-Moselle.


[vert fonce]A happy friendship between Latvia and France, which continues through the years and locations, at the origin of this site.[/vert fonce]

The GALLERY try to propose regular meetings beautiful ...

Meeting with Latvian and French authors of virtual exhibitions
to help you discover work iconographic
(photographic and graphic works)

The documents presented, depending on the rights and legal mentions,
can be reproduced by requiring the authors permission.


If your photographs are also posted on "http://www.flickr.com/"
and if they improve the friendship and exchanges between Latvian and French,
through better mutual understanding,
send us their link
they can be incorporated into our pages.

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