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Depuis la Lettonie et la France, média participatif d’informations entre lettons et francophones pour favoriser amitié et projets solidaires avec un des pays baltes enchanteur au nord-est de l’Europe.

"BRASSENS or freedom!"
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Exhibition, free admission, dedicated to the singer Georges Brassens created in Paris by Cité de la Musique. Cartoonist Joann Sfar and journalist Clementine Deroudille wanted to present the national monument of French song from a new angle, often playful. In this article the winning videoWorld Championship Brassens. free admission

Grasi - France Latvia friendship in french solidarities with a water-commando Aquassistance turns water ferruginous water tasty!"
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Claude Michel and Cyril volunteers of the association Aquassistance offered their professional expertise for the children’s village Grasi during two weeks full for mineral water pumped 140m underground is the best.

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A major event in Riga - Addition of four major orchestras of Latvia for an exceptional concert Latvian symphonic music.

Liepaja - Ventspils rally sport auto racing on snow and ice in Latvia 1 - 3 February 2013
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240 kms auto racing on snowy roads in Kurland Latvia. Steps speed and attractive for motor racing driver and rally sport. The only auto rally snow and ice entering the second event of the calendar in 2013 of the FIA European Rally Championship wrc of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) among the 13 racing car this year.

Saeima adopted the Law on the Introduction of the €uro in Latvia.

In Latvia, on Thursday, 31 January, under the urgent procedure, the Saeima adopted in the final reading the Law on the Introduction of the Euro, which sets forth general principles for the introduction of the common currency of the European Union – the euro – in Latvia.

France and Latvija are unhappy: Two poets went to the stars to illuminate the world ..
Stephane Hessel - Imants Ziedonis
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Stephane Hessel - Imants Ziedonis
Deux Grands Poètes

The Poetry has lost two great men. Two poets, two resistants have joined the stars. The Independant Latvia of poems and songs, The France resistant of human rights, the two countries in mourning. Imants Ziedonis and Stephane Hessel have joined the stars. Imants Ziedonis popular and beloved poet died in Latvia. Stephane Hessel, Ambassador resistant eternal indignant also died. In the world, their writings are light and scintillate forever...

It is summer June 21, all France sings in Great Music Festival !

This June 21 throughout France sings in music

for 32 years with concerts all over the country! For 24 hours listen to the Radio France Festival live: A festival of artists and songs from the stage of the Olympia, the great concert hall dedicated to the song.
Radio France makes here one of the dreams of the Great Sophie. Throughout the day, the artist will perform several times on the stage of the Olympia surrounded by musicians of Radio France for unusual orchestrations of his songs.

La Schola de la Primatiale St Jean Baptiste de Lyon concerts in Latvia from 18 to 24 July

Listen to a preview of the Stabat Mater interpreted by the Schola.

Concerts scheduled:

July 18 at 18:00 at the Small Guild
July 19 at 18:00 at the Church of St. Peter
The choir will attend Mass at St. Jacob’s Cathedral on July 21 at 11:00
Concert on July 24 in Valmiera

French Choral Songs Festival "Champagne Nights 2013"
with TRYO and 850 choir singers
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Tryo - Grand Choral Nuits de Champagne 2013

Surprise: the guest songwriter interpreter of the Festival of Choirs "Champagne Nights 2013" is a group of singers and musicians emblematic of French repertoire open to world music. The group Tryo affirm since 1995 has poetic and musical choices realism and commitment, and a natural musical style, friendly and festive reggae sound. The biological nature of directory help Tryo "sing together" with the public in their concerts.
TRYO, Choirs Festival "Champagne Nights 2013" become white with the 850 of Greater choir singers.

Vaira Vike-Freiberga, first woman elected President of the "Club de Madrid"

Vaira Vike-Freiberga, past president of the Republic of Latvia (1999-2007) was elected at the head of gathering of former heads of states at the 12th Club de Madrid 2013 Annual Conference : "Societies that Work: Jobs for Inclusive Growth. A Call to the G20" which takes place this weekend in Brisbane, Australia.

France is disenchanted
has no choir to participate
in the 2014 World Choir in Riga

What’s happening in France? The French have no choir to cooperate at the World Choir Games, the biggest choir competition worldwide!

Where are the voices in France? Barnyard roosters do not "caquètent" more! Are there still leaders choirs and intermittent enthusiasts artists in hexagon to "re-enchant the French dream (François Hollande)"? Of the 59 countries represented, no French choir is registered to this day to sing between 9 to 19 July in Riga European Capital of Culture this year. Are they intermittent disillusionment where culture evils and inequalities as sad?

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Is there a dynamic French and voluntary choir
to represent France at the 2014 World choirs these Olympiads 9 to 19 July 2014 in Riga, Latvia?

The "Golden Rooster" was chosen as the emblem of the World Choir Games 2014 in Riga (he is on the tip of the church steeple St. Peter), it would be a shame that the French and their favorite animal does not attend the World Choral Olympics.

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No choir singing in France?

Could this disenchantment, while President François Hollande promised in his election campaign "... re-enchant this dream ...", with equality, fraternity and liberty!

In Latvia, very attached to freedom of independence, the equality and fraternity are united by Olympism in a 2014 World enchantment.

This Baltic country develops the tradition of National fest songs and dances for 140 years . This dream will soon be realized by Latvian , Riga2014 and "Interkultur ", which cooperate and prepare this musical fusion for several years.
The result of this cooperation gigantic to delight the whole world.

Interkultur is a German non-profit organization that brings together since 2000 choirs worldwide. This event takes place every two years alternately in the cities and countries. About 20,000 participants from around the world join in this celebration every time. In 2012, the Cincinnati USA hosted the World Choir Games.

In 2014, is that a French choir will participate? What do you think?

The biggest choir competition worldwide

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Download the document :

There is still time for that French choirs participate!
I sends the program of songs and sheet music at the disposal of all French choir would requestby the contact form on the website latvia-francija.fr.

At the final concert giant, 20,000 singers will interpret 16 songs they now repeated worldwide. Including, "My Song" from the words of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) on a song written by Eriks ESENVALDS (1977)

PDF - 98.2 kb
My song, Official Song of the World Choir Games Riga 2014

According to the organizers interkultur.com, dated June 4, 2014, the following choirs and choirs from 59 countries already registered for the event *
* Choirs are registered but have not yet been confirmed by the artistic committee of the World Choir Games.

Cliquer sur le pays pour accéder aux photos des chorales inscrites pour les World Choirs Games 2014 sur le site Interkultur à Riga. su 9 juillet au 19 juillet
Sources Sing Riga

Nb chorales
1 Arménie 1
2 Australie 4
3 Autriche 7
4 Bélarus 1
5 Bosnie-Herzégovine 1
6 Canada 6
7 Chine 66
8 Chine - Hong Kong 10
9 Chine - Macao 1
10 Taipei chinois 6
11 Colombie 2
12 Croatie 5
13 République tchèque 9
14 Danemark 5
15 Équateur 1
16 Estonie 7
17 Finlande 7
18 Géorgie 1
19 Allemagne 17
20 Gibraltar 1
21 Grande-Bretagne 4
22 Grèce 3
23 Hongrie 4
24 Indonésie 20
25 Israël 5
26 Italie 3
27 Jersey, Îles Anglo-Normandes 1
28 Jordanie 1
29 Kazakhstan 2
30 Corée, République de 5
31 Lettonie 99
32 Lituanie 10
33 Macédoine, Ex-République yougoslave de 1
34 Malaisie 1
35 Mexique 1
36 Namibie 3
37 Pays-Bas 4
38 Nigeria
39 Norvège 2
40 Philippines 3
41 Pologne 4
42 Roumanie 4
43 Russie 48
44 Arabie Saoudite 1
45 Singapour 3
46 Slovaquie 2
47 Slovénie 1
48 Afrique du Sud 15
49 Espagne 2
50 Sri Lanka 1
51 Suède 7
52 Suisse 6
53 Thaïlande 2
54 Trinité-et-Tobago 1
55 Turquie 1
56 Ouganda 1
57 Ukraine 2
58 USA 18
59 Venezuela

* The choirs are registered but have not yet been confirmed by the artistic committee of the World Choir Games.

The program:

PDF - 1.5 Mb


"The Train Station Latvians 1937" Un film documentaire de Geka Dzintra.
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Documentaire en quatre parties sur les purges staliniennes et les massacres organisés par l’Union Soviétique contre les lettons en 1937.
Le 2 décembre de chaque année est maintenant en Lettonie un jour national de Commémoration du génocide causé par le régime totalitaire communiste.

Article mis en ligne le 2 décembre 2012
par BD

"The Train Station Latvians 1937"
Un film documentaire de Geka Dzintra.

En 1926, dans l’Union soviétique, un recensement national a trouvé 151 410 Lettons qui y vivent. 18 346 d’entre eux vivaient à Leningrad et ses environs, 10 583 étaient dans le district de Pskov, 10167 travaillaient à Moscou et 35.069 vivaient en Sibérie.
Il y avait au moins 372 colonies lettones en URSS avec 12.000 exploitations agricoles.

Les Lettons se sont dispersés tout autour de la terre au cours des derniers siècles. Certains ont été expulsés pour avoir refusé d’obéir aux puissances qui ont prévalu. Certains ont eu une vision d’une vie meilleure, tandis que d’autres ont fui la guerre et la révolution.
Cela n’a pas toujours été le cas pour ces émigrés de trouver une vie plus facile pour eux-mêmes, mais il n’y a eu qu’un seul endroit où un programme d’actions anti-letton a été mené. Là, chaque letton a été traité comme un espion, comme un traître et un ennemi qui méritait d’être torturé, puis tué.
Ce sont les répressions qui ont été menées en Russie soviétique en 1937, où l’horreur et la pensée pathologique et perverse du régime ont retourné quelques Lettons en traîtres et en assassins de leur propre compatriotes.

L’opération « letton » a commencé avec les ordres émis le 30 Novembre 1937, par Nikolaï Ejov, chef craint de la police secrète de Staline, le NKVD.

22.360 personnes ont été arrêtées au total, et 74% ont été mis à mort.

L’objectif principal de l’opération était les Lettons, mais des citoyens soviétiques d’autres nationalités ont été accusés d’espionnage pour le compte de la Lettonie, et ont également été victime de la purge. La plupart des victimes, étaient innocentes et leur seule faute était d’être lettons dans l’Union soviétique. Les héros de ce film sont les héritiers de ceux qui ont été victimes des grandes purges de Staline . Ils ont été interrogés à Moscou, Kemerovo, dans le district de Krasnoïarsk, ainsi qu’en Lettonie.

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