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France is disenchanted
has no choir to participate
in the 2014 World Choir in Riga

What’s happening in France? The French have no choir to cooperate at the World Choir Games, the biggest choir competition worldwide!

Where are the voices in France? Barnyard roosters do not "caquètent" more! Are there still leaders choirs and intermittent enthusiasts artists in hexagon to "re-enchant the French dream (François Hollande)"? Of the 59 countries represented, no French choir is registered to this day to sing between 9 to 19 July in Riga European Capital of Culture this year. Are they intermittent disillusionment where culture evils and inequalities as sad?

Article published on 16 June 2014
last modification on 4 July 2014

by Bruno

Is there a dynamic French and voluntary choir
to represent France at the 2014 World choirs these Olympiads 9 to 19 July 2014 in Riga, Latvia?

The "Golden Rooster" was chosen as the emblem of the World Choir Games 2014 in Riga (he is on the tip of the church steeple St. Peter), it would be a shame that the French and their favorite animal does not attend the World Choral Olympics.


No choir singing in France?

Could this disenchantment, while President François Hollande promised in his election campaign "... re-enchant this dream ...", with equality, fraternity and liberty!

In Latvia, very attached to freedom of independence, the equality and fraternity are united by Olympism in a 2014 World enchantment.

This Baltic country develops the tradition of National fest songs and dances for 140 years . This dream will soon be realized by Latvian , Riga2014 and "Interkultur ", which cooperate and prepare this musical fusion for several years.
The result of this cooperation gigantic to delight the whole world.

Interkultur is a German non-profit organization that brings together since 2000 choirs worldwide. This event takes place every two years alternately in the cities and countries. About 20,000 participants from around the world join in this celebration every time. In 2012, the Cincinnati USA hosted the World Choir Games.

In 2014, is that a French choir will participate? What do you think?

The biggest choir competition worldwide

Download the document :

There is still time for that French choirs participate!
I sends the program of songs and sheet music at the disposal of all French choir would requestby the contact form on the website latvia-francija.fr.

At the final concert giant, 20,000 singers will interpret 16 songs they now repeated worldwide. Including, "My Song" from the words of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) on a song written by Eriks ESENVALDS (1977)

My song, Official Song of the World Choir Games Riga 2014

According to the organizers interkultur.com, dated June 4, 2014, the following choirs and choirs from 59 countries already registered for the event *
* Choirs are registered but have not yet been confirmed by the artistic committee of the World Choir Games.

Cliquer sur le pays pour accéder aux photos des chorales inscrites pour les World Choirs Games 2014 sur le site Interkultur à Riga. su 9 juillet au 19 juillet
Sources Sing Riga

Nb chorales
1 Arménie 1
2 Australie 4
3 Autriche 7
4 Bélarus 1
5 Bosnie-Herzégovine 1
6 Canada 6
7 Chine 66
8 Chine - Hong Kong 10
9 Chine - Macao 1
10 Taipei chinois 6
11 Colombie 2
12 Croatie 5
13 République tchèque 9
14 Danemark 5
15 Équateur 1
16 Estonie 7
17 Finlande 7
18 Géorgie 1
19 Allemagne 17
20 Gibraltar 1
21 Grande-Bretagne 4
22 Grèce 3
23 Hongrie 4
24 Indonésie 20
25 Israël 5
26 Italie 3
27 Jersey, Îles Anglo-Normandes 1
28 Jordanie 1
29 Kazakhstan 2
30 Corée, République de 5
31 Lettonie 99
32 Lituanie 10
33 Macédoine, Ex-République yougoslave de 1
34 Malaisie 1
35 Mexique 1
36 Namibie 3
37 Pays-Bas 4
38 Nigeria
39 Norvège 2
40 Philippines 3
41 Pologne 4
42 Roumanie 4
43 Russie 48
44 Arabie Saoudite 1
45 Singapour 3
46 Slovaquie 2
47 Slovénie 1
48 Afrique du Sud 15
49 Espagne 2
50 Sri Lanka 1
51 Suède 7
52 Suisse 6
53 Thaïlande 2
54 Trinité-et-Tobago 1
55 Turquie 1
56 Ouganda 1
57 Ukraine 2
58 USA 18
59 Venezuela

* The choirs are registered but have not yet been confirmed by the artistic committee of the World Choir Games.

The program: