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France and Latvija are unhappy: Two poets went to the stars to illuminate the world ..
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Stephane Hessel - Imants Ziedonis
Deux Grands Poètes

The Poetry has lost two great men. Two poets, two resistants have joined the stars. The Independant Latvia of poems and songs, The France resistant of human rights, the two countries in mourning. Imants Ziedonis and Stephane Hessel have joined the stars. Imants Ziedonis popular and beloved poet died in Latvia. Stephane Hessel, Ambassador resistant eternal indignant also died. In the world, their writings are light and scintillate forever...

Article published on 1 March 2013

by BD
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Imants Ziedonis , Latvian poet died.

Imants Ziedonis , Latvian poet, journalist, director of short fiction (Epiphany), author, translator, writer, politician and one of the most popular authors in the literature of fairy tales in Latvia. He has had a distinguished political career in the time of awakening.

Imants Ziedonis was born May 3, 1933 in Riga, Slokas in the fishing district Ragaciems Parish. Graduated in 1959 from the Latvian Museum of History and Philology, and in 1964 followed the highest literary graduate courses in Moscow.
He began work as a laborer laborer, then as a teacher.
His first collection of poems published in 1961, Imants Ziedonis became a member of the Writers’ Union of Latvia.
Ziedonis 1972 given name honored worker of culture in 1977 received the popular poet in 1983, he was awarded the "People’s Friendship" medal.

In 1987, Imants Ziedonis 1987, became president of the Latvian Cultural Foundation, and in 1990 was elected to the Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia (AP). He was a member of the Scientific and Cultural Commission of National Education, he voted in favor of the Declaration of Independence of Latvia.
Imants Ziedonis in 1995 was honored with the Order of the Three Stars, as a participant to the barricades in 1991.
In 2002, the Council of Ministers gave him an award for outstanding lifetime achievement in Latvian culture and outstanding achievements in Latvian literature.
Imants Ziedonis has received international recognition for his fairy tales.

Poems Latvia, Latvia resistance that enchant, independent Latvia is in mourning: Imants Ziedonis, Latvian poet died.

Imants Ziedonis
Dziediet! Chanter!

"Imants Ziedonis

Ar tevi es lasīju kastaņus

ar tevi es lasīju kastaņus
rudens trūdošās milzīgās lapās
un rudens bij nosalis un kluss
kā atvests no dienvidiem papuass

bij slapjš un mazliet drēgns un auksts
ar mākoni lielu un zilu
un pēkšņi man likās: tu esi mans draugs
un ka es... tevi mazliet mīlu

tev bij tādas rokas nosalušas
un tu runāji visādus jokus
un debesis bij zilas, zemas un pušas
pār mums abiem kastaņkoks

es neteicu nekā, bij kastaņi skaistumā
jau no bērnības apbrīnoti
teikt vai neteikt, ka es tevi... nu jā
un varbūt pat ļoti"

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France of Human Rights, France resistant, Indignant France, is in mourning. Stephane Hessel, resistant Ambassador, eternal indignant, diplomat lover of poetry, died in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Stephane Hessel , resistant Ambassador, eternal indignant is died.

"What poetry is perhaps most significant for me, where it is most valuable for me
is that it is constantly preparation to understand life and therefore to understand death. Death for me was at times in my life, very near since I brushing against it several times .... I consider it with great respect ..."
Stephane Essel.

A Great Human who ardently supported many causes in the world.

February 7, 2011, at the Théâtre de la Colline in Paris Mediapart had organized a big party around Stéphane Hessel and his friends on the topic "From Tunis to Cairo to Paris, indignant, resist and create" . Here’s intervention diplomat.

Listen Stephane Hessel, in the transmission of France Inter - "La bas si j’y suis" - rebroadcast on Wednesday 27 February 2013.

Stéphane Hessel par franceinter

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