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French Choral Songs Festival "Champagne Nights 2013"
with TRYO and 850 choir singers
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Tryo - Grand Choral Nuits de Champagne 2013

Surprise: the guest songwriter interpreter of the Festival of Choirs "Champagne Nights 2013" is a group of singers and musicians emblematic of French repertoire open to world music. The group Tryo affirm since 1995 has poetic and musical choices realism and commitment, and a natural musical style, friendly and festive reggae sound. The biological nature of directory help Tryo "sing together" with the public in their concerts.
TRYO, Choirs Festival "Champagne Nights 2013" become white with the 850 of Greater choir singers.

Article published on 29 October 2013

by JB
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Surprise ! To the Champagne Nights 2013: The guest author, composer, interpreter, are four people ! A group of four authors, composers and singers TRYO!

After celebrating in 2012 the 20th anniversary of Grand choral
the teams of the festival and the "association Contemporary Song" wished for the 21st stage, enter the music news inviting first one of the groups iconic French song open to world music.

live: Le samedi 26 Octobre
From 20h (Paris) 21h (Riga)
until 22h (Paris) 23h (Riga)

France Inter "Champagne Nights" great chorus Tryo Live

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Beyond community values ​​shared with the group Tryo composed of four songwriters musicians and singers, reggae acoustic with a realistic and poetic repertoire engaged, encourages conviviality and celebration with the public.
There is also in Tryo shared value: the commitment of everyone in another the projects that are selected and that we live together.


"On s’aime ..." "When the night becomes white" with Tryo and 850 choral singers from the Grand.

Guests in October 2008 to open by Bernard Lavilliers his "Champagne Nights" and inaugurate the new hall of the Troyes urban Cube, Tryo had won the 5000 festivalgoers presents for an evening where we sang from start to end, in total fusion with the group.

At two-month surveying for the second time in their career the giant stage of the Palais Omnisports de Bercy, four songwriters musicians and singers Tryo are already invested in the development of the program of this 26th edition of Nuits de Champagne, with the clear intention of "to celebrate", including 700 schoolchildren singing with the Choir of the Aube, they decided to join him on stage during the evening Dawn in unison , and 850 choral singers Grand they embark on a new destination poetic and musical amazing!étonnante !

The most beautiful French songs were fortunate to have many lives, such as, for example, Tryo, "The anthem of our campaigns."

Written in 1997, she will spend eight years later, on the radio and will be on everyone’s lips thanks to 10 years of tour group.

And this is the strength of Tryo: Christophe Mali, Manu Eveno, Guizmo et Danielito Bravo, write songs that stick to the news while becoming timeless
("G8", "work more", "Misery opposite" ...). Their lyrics evoke the life and concerns of everyone ("Sorry about last night", "As the days are long" ...). Many social issues are addressed: Nature and ecology, globalization and poverty, runaway market economy and individualism ... But with poetry and simplicity. Tryo wrote tubes: "Hymn of the countryside", "What we love," "You and I" ...

However, the DNA band is the scene. With each album, a gigantic tour by the number of dates but on a human scale. Public Tryo, demanding accomplice and "actor", is in total harmony with his band. A communion that will spread into the ranks of the choir festival. Undoubtedly, the 26th edition of the Nuits de Champagne is festive, civic and open to the world

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6 days choral song workshop Sunday 20 to Saturday, October 26th 2013 in Troyes in Champagne

Launch of enrollment in choral workshop.
Uzsākt par uzņemšanu kora darbnīcā.

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franceinter le direct

nuits de champagne.com



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